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Technology strategies for literacy and justifications

In promoting literacy acquisition, teachers have choices on how to use a variety of technological tools to meet the diverse needs of a classroom. How would you recommend promoting the use of technology with fellow teachers, co-workers, and administrative staff? Have you had any experience implementing change in your classroom or work site?

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Literacy acquisition has different meanings depending on the age of the students you are serving, Literacy expectations for elementary students vary widely compared to literacy expectations for high school students. I will address ideas that can be used with a wide range of students, and you can pick those which meet your needs.

Technological tools can also have different meanings. Generally, it means any equipment that presents content to students, or that allows students to access or to manipulate content. "Old" technology includes overhead projectors, VHS video, tape recorders, televisions, and the like. Modern technology includes computers and their software applications, the Internet, interactive white boards, and digital cameras, to name but a few.

Meeting the diverse needs of a classroom can be done using digital portfolios. "A portfolio is a systematic and selective collection of student work that has been accumulated to demonstrate the student's motivation, academic growth, and level of achievement" (Grabe & Grabe, 2007, p. 90). Portfolios can showcase a student's best work, or can highlight a student's ...

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Discussion of strategies for the implementation of technology that supports literacy education, and justification of resultant recommendations, with an appropriate personal example.