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    India and China's influence on southeast asia

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    Although Southeast Asia is a distinct culture, it continues to share much with both China and India. How did this blending occur? What made Southeast Asia distinct from its Asian neighbors? What did it share with them? How did Southeast Asia potentially contribute to the development of Chinese civilization?

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    Southeast Asia is at the crossroads between India and China. The only other option was the very long and dangerous journey through the desert to the west and around the Himalaya mountains. Most of the influence came from India to China either with arab traders establishing trading enclaves in Guangzhou and most importantly was the main path of Buddhism into China. For example, the Bodhidharma, whose likeness is in every Gongfu school, was an Indian Buddhist monk who entered China via southeast Asia and founded the Chan school of Buddhism in a monastery called Shaolin, near Song Mountain. This school spread to Japan, where westerners know it by the Japanese name of Zen. He is ...

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    The author describes India and China's influence on southeast asia through history and also how southeast asia influenced India and China.