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China: 21st Century Foreign Policy factors

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What factors will contribute to the course of Chinese foreign policy in the 21st Century? What direction will China take? These and other questions are addressed in this solution.

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The solution provides a concise analysis of the factors that will contribute to 21st century Chinese Foreign Policy and provides a concise discussion of the possible direction in terms of foreign relation that China might take.

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1) China is a rising world power.
-most populous state
-one of the largest states in the world
-great human/mineral resources to draw from

all this will lead to greater economic/military muscle

2) economic modernization - for the past 25 years, China has embarked on a path of economic modernization and normalization of relations with the industrialized democracies. This preference for stability and growth over commmunist/maoist ideology began with the death of Mao Zedong.

3) China still has territorial disputes with some of its neighbors - most notably involving Taiwan and the Spratley Islands.

4) China's neighbors fear its growing power/influence/designs in Asia.

China is gradually replacing Japan as Asia's ecomic leader. Chinese investment throughout Southeast Asia ...

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