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Hate Crimes and Ignorance

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The events of September 11, 2011, contributed to an increase in hate crimes against Muslims around the world and especially in the United States. In the first year after the September 11 attacks, anti-Islamic hate crimes in the United States rose more than 1,000%.

a. How has post-9/11 anti-Muslim and anti-Arab backlash and discrimination affected local and global communities?

b. How are hate crimes related to fear and/or ignorance?

c. Why do some individuals and groups believe that violence directed at Muslims, as a form of revenge, is acceptable more than a decade after 9/11?

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a. The post-9/11 anti-Muslim and anti-Arab backlash and discrimination has affected local and global communities by, first and foremost, instilling a sense of fear in non-Muslim communities concerning the intentions of those individuals within Muslim and Arab communities. This fear has resulted in discriminatory treatment of Muslims in many Western nations, which resulted in an uprising by Muslims in France and England, as well as ...

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