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What is diversity and what are different types of diversity?

What is diversity and what are different types of diversity? Also, how does behaviour relate to diversity and does diversity issues impact operations management?

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Here is some information for you regarding diversity:

Diversity is the presence of a wide range of variation in the qualities or attributes under discussion.

Human context
Amongst humans, particularly in a social context, the term diversity refers to the presence in one population of a (wide) variety of:

Ethnic groups
Physical features, especially if they are recognized by members of that population to constitute characterstics of a race - (see also human variability)
Socio-economic backgrounds
Religious beliefs
Gender Identity

Possible attitudes to this situation are discussed in Diversity#Politics.

Planetary context
At the international level, diversity refers to the existence of many peoples contributing their unique experiences to humanity's culture. The preservation of our planet's formidable linguistic and cultural diversity in the context of world-wide economic integration is the object of great concern to many people at the turn of the 21st century.

Ecological context
Diversity describes the structure of ecological communities. This does not only involve the number of species, but also the number of individuals of each species. Several Diversity indices have been established, amongst which the Shannon-Weaver Diversity Index is frequently used (see also biodiversity).

Evolutionary computation
Variation between individuals in the population; ...