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    Dimensions of Diversity

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    What are your thoughts on this scenario:

    In your role as a new manager, you will be managing a workforce that has become increasingly diverse. Your company is planning a global expansion of your department. How can a leader manage a diverse workforce?

    - What are the dimensions of diversity?
    - Describe the different types of diversity.
    - What challenges are presented by globally expanding your workforce?
    - What are the challenges and opportunities for ensuring that organizational goals are achieved?
    - Discuss the challenges associated with leading a virtual, global workforce as new customer service groups will report to you.
    - Discuss how you would prioritize the challenges and opportunities identified.

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    What are the dimensions of diversity?
    - The dimensions of diversity normally considered in an employment situation are gender, nationality and ethnicity, social class, background, sexual orientation, age, mental/physical capability, religion, educational background, work experience, and marital status.

    Describe the different types of diversity.
    - There is diversity because different people do different types of jobs. In a firm one person is a manager, another is an engineer, and a third is a trainer. So, differences in job are an important reason for diversity.
    There is diversity because of the difference in the location where people live. For, instance one person may live close to the sea on an island, a second might live in a city, and another person might live in an area that is ice bound round the year.
    Another reason for diversity is the difference in education. One person has a high school education, another is a graduate, and a third is a PhD. In some countries there is compulsory education in others there are limits up to which a person may obtain education.
    There is diversity because different people give different importance to culture. There are some cultures that give tremendous importance to cultural traditions, songs, and ...

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