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    Andragogy and Heutagogy

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    Discuss and critically analyze heutagogy.

    Discuss the similarities and differences between andragogy and heutagogy

    4 Page Minimum with noted references

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    In reference to the study of self-directed learning, Heutagogy can be viewed as an extension of andragogy because of the primary focus from andragogy on self-directed learning. Heutagogy is focused upon giving learners the ability to teach themselves how to best learn in accordance with their own individual learning styles. The future of learning is predicated upon learners possessing the knowledge on how to most optimally learn in accordance with their individual skills and previous experiences, which is something that can be attained through the use of Heutagogy, which is the study of self-directed learning and self- determined learning. Self-determination must include a self-readiness or a readiness to learn wherein the learner is predisposed to wanting to learn in accordance with set goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are further discussed in andragogy, wherein the student can get information about the similarities and differences between heutagogy.

    Discuss the similarities and differences between andragogy and heutagogy

    Heutagogical learning takes a similar approach to teaching and learning as andragogy but there are some distinct differences. The most glaring difference is that in heutagogical learning, learners don't get any self-direction from teachers and take full responsibility for their learning, which is enabled because of Web 2.0 and online ...

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    This solution discusses similarities and differences between andragogy and heutagogy.