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Executive Development Training

What are the specific problems that are associated with development of executives, and why does coaching seem to deal with these problems?

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Course Textbook
Blanchard, P. N., & Thacker, J. W. (2010). Effective training: Systems, strategies, and practices (Custom edition .). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Fourteen Edition

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Specific problems that are associated with development of executives include understanding the importance of building and strengthening corporate culture, improving company retention, increasing communication, and developing "executive competencies and knowledge of key business areas" (Blanchard, n.d.). Coaching is an effective way to deal with these problems because it actively engages the learner, involving them in the process while developing the skills desired. In addition, it is believed that "the more an individual is involved in identifying problems, in working out and applying solutions for them and in reviewing the results, the more complete and the more long-lasting the learning is. ...

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This solution outlines the specific problems associated with the development of executives, and explains why coaching seems to deal with this problem. Includes APA formatted references.