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    Effectiveness of Executive Coaching

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    What are the specific problems that are associated with development of executives, and why does coaching seem to deal with these problems?

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    Issues associated with development of executives:

    One of the major issues for development of the executives is the time taken to train them. Providing training to the executives leads to a high amount of time spent and this could be used more effectively for other processes.
    Also, the financial resources i.e. the cost of training is also very high. Training executives requires calling for coaches and outside consultants who come from time to time and discuss the work and personal development and learning within the organization. Here the leaders can discuss their development issues and also share their personal learning, however getting such coaches tends to be very expensive for the company (Reference: http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/encyclopedia/Ent-Fac/Executive-Development.html#ixzz11CBIxAV5).

    Need for constant changes and up to date training, as the competition is very high and is rapidly ...

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