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Interdisciplinary team management and communication

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The video shows an interdisciplinary team, and it illustrates how the team assesses and discusses a patient and some of the communication and other issues which arise during the meeting. After watching the video, need help answer the following questions.

Discussion questions

1. Who led the team?

2. Identify one thing which made the team meeting work effectively and one area where the team was ineffective. As the nurse leader how would you contribute to improving the effectiveness of the team?

3. Why is it important for teams to have agreed upon purpose and goals?

4. Why is it important for interdisciplinary teams to address conflicts on the team rather than avoid, postpone or smooth them over?

5. How would you use the concept of coaching (info on coaching below) to maximize the function of the team?

Additional Info on Coaching:
Coaching is a term that we are familiar with from the world of sports. In terms of professional development, coaching is considered to be development process in which an individual gets support from an experienced coach while working to achieve a specific professional result or goal. In professional practice you will want to look at coaching from two viewpoints 1.) finding a coach to help you with your professional development and 2.) coaching the staff you work with to promote their professional growth. If later in your career you focus on executive leadership, you may even consider hiring a personal coach. or Individuals who are making other life transitions such as retirement may hire life coaches.

According to Campli, Kirby, & Baldwin (2010, p134) coaching involves a formal relationship where the coach concentrates on learning need to promote development of required skills. The coach presents problem solving approaches, resources, and new ideas. Strategies used by coaches that can be used in various settings include instruction, direction. The purpose of coaching is assist in improving performance and effectiveness. The coaching relationship is promoted by developing trust through nonthreatening, honest, respectful communication. Coaches foster self reflection and help to build self esteem

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This solution includes a discussion on what may enhance a team's effectiveness. It also explores solutions for conflict resolution strategies for cross functional teams and explores how the leadership skill of coaching can be used to improve team performance.

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I am pleased to assist you with your case study assignment.

This assignment is to test your application of the topics teamwork and conflict management.

1. The team was led by the Nurse Practitioner Terry Whitelaw. We know this as she is the one that set the agenda and seeks to move the agenda forward.

2. The team worked effectively because of its cohesive nature. Team cohesion refers to the degree that members of a team are attracted to it and motivated to remain in it and participate fully. We can see that this team is cohesive because as there is much small talk about non work issues - such as the planned holiday and so we can see that the members work intimately together. There are a number of determinants of team cohesiveness. Size is one factor that affects cohesiveness ...

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