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    Who intervenes in early intervention?

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    In supporting the developmental needs of infants and young children, please help me with identifying intervention procedures that are currently in place.

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    Generally, for very young children (infants and pre-schoolers), the first line of intervention is the child's doctor or pediatrician, whether that be a private physician, or the physician on duty at the county public health department. When young children are brought in for immunizations, particularly, but also for other complaints that young children have such as colds, viruses, ear infections and the like, doctors are evaluating them, both formally and informally for development. There is a range of "normal" development, however, so what a doctor may dismiss as a temporary, but normal, lag in development may in fact be the first sign of a problem. Often, parents or other full-time caregivers, who are with the child for the majority of the day, may notice problems even before the doctor does, since the doctor may see the child infrequently, and may not see cause for alarm in a lag in development. A continued lag in development ...

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    Discussion of early intervention personnel for developmental problems in very young children, and the sorts of problems that are watched for.