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project development activities and code development

1. You have just been asked to take over an existing project and asked to make a few changes for new features. The person that worked on this software before you is not available. What documentation (either in the code or external) or other information would you like to see to help you more quickly understand the code you have - assume it's 100 source code and header files.

2. The existing software has a number of bugs filed against it. How will you go about debugging the existing software to find the causes of these problems and testing your fixes to see if they really fix the problems?

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1. Generally, all the project development activities and code development by the developer are captured in technical documentation in detail. The newcomer has to quickly refer to that piece of document to understand the status of the change request from the customer, and also has to try to thoroughly understand the BRD ...

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This job highlights project development activities and code development.