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    E-Commerce costs, proposals and breakdowns - The Sharper Image

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    This should pertain to almost any online e-business start up. Most every e-business experiences the same sort of costs etc. With the 4 questions below, use just about any online business as a template for costs such as, "The Sharper Image" as an example.

    Cost Proposal
    Project Cost
    Total Project Cost
    Breakdown of Project Costs

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    We have take the project of www.knowledgebank.com (an online library) in which a significant proportion of the resources are available in machine-readable format (as opposed to print or microform), accessible by means of computers. The digital content may be locally held or accessed remotely via computer networks. In libraries, the process of digitization began with the catalog, moved to periodical indexes and abstracting services, then to periodicals and large reference works, and finally to book publishing.

    Cost Proposal: The Methodology

    The completely designed system will be developed using feasible software/hardware technologies. The quality of the software is the highest priority in this phase. Our quality assurance team will rigorously test each software unit. During the process, first the software will be unit tested, then it will be integration tested and finally the complete system will be tested based on the test plans prepared.
    The software system developed will be implemented ...

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