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    Analyzing an Advertisement

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    I need assistance with the following:

    **3-4 paragraphs

    Advertisements can be award-winning, controversial, successful, or totally ineffective. Different people have different opinions. As a marketing professional, you need to go beyond categorizing ads as successful or not, and analyze the techniques used to create the messages.

    1. Provide a quick overview (1 paragraph) of any ad, commercial or entire advertising campaign and state whether you consider it effective or ineffective.

    2. Classify what execution method(s) were used for this advertisement or advertisement campaign. List the execution methods as:

    - Slice of life
    - Lifestyle
    - Fantasy
    - Mood or image
    - Musical
    - Personality symbol
    - Technical expertise
    - Scientific evidence
    - Testimonial evidence or endorsement

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    MasOportunidades.com, an e-commerce site, has used the art of storytelling in order to capture the hearts of their consumers. It may be a story of the reasons why people sell their wares on e-commerce sites, an unwanted gift, an inheritance, or some of the things that one has grown out of. The e-commerce site has grouped items with the same stories into categories so there is a category called e-motional categories aside from the usual product group. MasOpurtunidades.com has encouraged the sellers of the items to attach a story to each listed item. They have changed the structure of the website so all the types of communication, e.g., TV, outdoor, and print have all highlighted the story of the sold item. Through stories, the ...

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    The solution analyzes an advertisement: MasOportunidades.com - its overview, its effective or ineffective, and the execution methods used. References included.