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Article Review: Marketing Consultant

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After reviewing attached article:

Imagine you have been hired as a consultant to the VP of marketing for Old Navy. The VP wants to get an objective opinion from someone outside the company who is familiar with current marketing basics.

Write a short memo critically analyzing Old Navy's promotion strategy. In particular, note that the company has decided to use online video instead of television. What assumptions did they make about the viewing habits of their target market? Do you believe their assumptions have a basis in reality? What could they have done differently and why?

Discus why you would NOT use a particular strategy and Why.

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This solution provides a detailed discussion of marketing based on reviewing an attached article.

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The company intends to position itself in the minds of a few good men as indicated in one of the statements in the case, "Old Navy is looking for a few good men".

As part of the company's positioning strategy, it is currently making some changes in the assortments of clothes offered to its target market. These changes include new denim washes and styles. Specifically, the company offers more tailored shirts and pants to cater to the changing needs of the target buyers.

For the company, the timing for the push of men's apparel is right, considering the market's healthy growth rate. These prompted the decision for a new promotional strategy.

Assumptions the company make about the buying and viewing habits of the target market
1. Buying ...

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