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    Competitive Issues and Marketing

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    Please help with the following questions as I attempt to develop the rudiments of a marketing plan. The questions relate to an etiquette and image consultant, one-owner, corporation type business. The business operates only in the United States.

    1. Elaborate on the key competitive issues in your particular industry.
    2. Formulate and justify your market segmentation.
    3. Provide details of the marketing mix components: product strategy (position, branding), pricing strategy, distribution (marketing channel) concept, and promotional (marketing communication) strategy.

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    Please use some guidelines for your marketing plan below. The content has been written to get you started on this assignment.

    Competitive Issues in Image Consultant Industry

    Competitive issues are the major factor that distinguishes between different image consultants in the industry. With these competitive issues, image consultants determine their success in the industry. Following are some competitive issues that need to be considered by each of the image consultant:

    Graphics: It is the major competitive issue that differentiates different image consultants. As it represents the visual presentation of whole organization, it is the major focus of image consultants. Graphic program with superior design and high technology is the major concern for image consultants in the industry (Kubr, 2002).

    Formal statement: This is also a major competitive issue in the consultant industry. The organization that is making more effective statements has more business in comparison to other companies in the industry. The formal statement basically includes company slogan and advertising copy (Greiner, 2009). With company slogan, the organization intends to effectively convey its organization identity to its target audience.

    Architecture: Architecture is also an important part of the image consultant business that determines its effectiveness to compete in the market. Since the design of corporate building, interior layout of offices have much impact over the customers; it has become a competitive issue for image consultants (Kubr, 2002). Image consultants define their competitive advantage on the basis of this fact also.

    Interaction and events: Interaction and events are also important factors of competitive issue before the image consultants. The interaction that an employee makes with his/her stakeholders reflects the image of the organization. Similarly, the interaction between the image consultant and the organization is also very important as it determines competitive ...

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