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    Employee Training & Development: In Depth Article Review

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    Find an article about training on the Business Publications Search Engine (bpubs.com) Web site. Write a summary of the main topic of the article of your choice. In the summary, identify how the training methods discussed in the article, align with current organizational issues.

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    In Claire Belilos article "Achieving Results by Focusing on the Human Factor", she focuses on some key areas of training that many organizations fail to implement and utilize. The focus of the research in her article is on people as being the true "human resource asset" (bpub.com, 2011). Mrs. Belilos explains that the key to success is to focus on specific training processes that can greatly contribute to an employee's overall success and the success of the company.

    When employees are given the standard job description and treated like a robot, they tend to become like robots according to the article (bpubs.com, 2011). The lack of time and attention spent on the employee is due in large part to a traditional and incorrect organizational view that employees are put into ...

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    The solution discusses an article about training from the Business Publications Search Engine web site.