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HR -Coaching Skills Survey and Explanations

Training that develops coaching skills, is an essential part of a management development program.


*Review the information on the Accel-Team.com Web site, Employee Coaching Concepts and Responsibilities Explained. http://www.accel-team.com/publications/atPDF_EmpCoaching.html

*Click Free: Click to download to download the "Coaching Employees" article.

*Follow the instructions to complete the Coaching Concepts Survey in the article.

*Once you have completed the survey, discuss in a paper what you learned about the coaching process and how it can influence the effectiveness of a manager.

Solution Summary

In reading this comprehensive article on the development of people and taking the survey, it becomes very clear that a failure by managers to take this responsibility seriously would be a failure of the company as a whole. As the article points out, it is as serious, if not more serious, as planning a budget or productivity (Grimes, 2011).