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Importance of Effective Coaching and Performance Management

Why is it important for companies and their managers to be involved in effective coaching and performance management practices?

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The Importance of Effective Coaching and Performance Management in Organizations

A. What is Performance Management?

Performance management focuses on taking responsibility for the continuous improvement of the human resources and the business processes. It is about believing that people are the most important assets of the company and that it is essential to put HR processes and tools in the right direction. Companies and managers should provide their employees with the feedback and training to develop their potentials and help them excel. When employees feel they have developed their skills and have clear goals and objectives, they can do their best for their jobs and only then will they be able to contribute much for the success of the company.

A major component of performance management is "coaching". Managers coach their employees by helping them towards an efficient performance of their tasks. However, when the coaching involves having a shared vision together according to the corporate objectives, organizational values and performance indicators to measure development, then it becomes effective coaching. Effective coaching is a ...

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