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    Riordan Manufacturing: Manager Response Memo

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    ? Read the Manager's Memo on the Iwamoto.Crews.Coe attached pdf. (See the attached files).
    ? Respond to the manager.
    ? Address the following in the memo:

    o An explanation of the purpose of large system inventions and how individuals are affected
    o Discussion on how coaching accommodates personality or individual differences
    o Account for how concepts relate to the overall strategy

    ? Discuss resistance to training and employee development. Include advantages and challenges for organizations to provide funds and time off for employees to attend training. What incentives not tied to monetary motivation may an organization offer employees?

    ? Describe elements of an effective training evaluation. How does an evaluation assess a trainee's skill and knowledge? What is the advantage to evaluating pre- and post-training?

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    Riordan Manufacturing: Manager Response Memo

    Date: 23rd February 2011
    To: The manager
    From: Riorden Manufacturing
    Subject: Responding Memo
    Large System Invention
    Riorden manufacturing is thinking to adopt a performance management system. It serves several purposes these are as below:
    Strategic Purpose: Performance management system provides a strategic purpose to organizations. This system helps an organization in several ways such as to link between employees' activities and organizations goals and objectives, to identify result and behaviors that are necessary to accomplish strategy and to maximize the degree to which employees display the desired behavior and turn out the desired results (Pulakos, 2009).
    Administrative Purpose: Performance management system helps to produce information that is used by organization for different purposes such as in reward system and HR, decision making related with several issues as disciplinary actions, termination and promotion. It is the reason that it serve as an administrative purpose (Pulakos, 2009).
    Informational Purpose: This system also serves an informational purpose, as it enables employees to learn about their performances that are according to organizations' expectations.
    Developmental Purpose: It provides a development purpose because with the help of performance feedback, individuals learn about their strengths and weaknesses, training needs and also make better decisions related to job (Pulakos, 2009).
    Organizational Maintenance Purpose: This purpose is also served by performance management system because this system provides important information related to workforce planning and evaluating HR effectiveness planning (Pulakos, 2009).
    Documentation Purpose: This system support HR decisions and also helps to meet several legal requirements and this is the reason that it serve as a documentation purpose.
    All these purposes are useful for an organization to become competitive in business. It also affects the performance of individuals in several ways such as with the help of this system, employees enhance their capabilities because all necessary information is efficiently provided through this system. For example, information related to the performance of employees after training and before training is provided by this system that helps to analyze the effectiveness of training program (Haberberg & Rieple, 2008). This is the reason that employees' motivate to learn more and more during their training session.
    Employers are also affected with this system as they can take some important decisions about human resource management such as identified employees who need training, area of training, training method, indentified employees, who are rewarded and identified skills that are necessary to perform a particular job (Haberberg & Rieple, 2008). All these are some important human resource management decisions that play an important role in the success of any business.
    Coaching to Accommodates Personality and Individual Differences
    Coaching is a tool by which employees improve ...

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