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Consumer Behavior of WalMart

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Please read the article that I attached, "Wal-Mart's Fashion Faux Pas" about Wal-Mart failed attempt to persuade consumers to buy high end items at its store., and address the following question.

As a marketing consultant to Wal-Mart (hired to help the corporation achieve its goal of getting a segment of the consumer market to purchase expensive, higher quality items at its stores) what communications message(s) and strategy (ies) would you suggest Wal-Mart use to get a segment of consumers to think of Wal-mart as the store where they can find high quality but more expensive items (rather than just the best quality at the lowest price)? Be sure to incorporate as many concepts as you find relevant of Learning and Memory, attitudes, communication, Guerrilla marketing, Viral marketing, social networking and opinion leadership as well as the pertinent lingo.

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This in-depth solution of 2,486 words describes the the marketing fashions of WalMart, and provides nine suggestions on how WalMart can make a lateral shift to market new products with real-life examples.

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