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Simulation of machine breakdown

3. The XYZ Manufacturing Company produces widgets in a process consisting of operations on five different machines. The probability distribution of the number of machines that will breakdown in a week is listed in the table below.

# machine breakdowns Probability
per week
0 0.10
1 0.10
2 0.20
3 0.25
4 0.30
5 0.05

a. Set up intervals of random numbers that can be used to simulate the weekly number of breakdowns.
b. Conduct a 25-week simulation of the weekly number of machine breakdowns. Use the Table of Random Numbers that is provided with this exam. Start in the upper right-hand corner of the table and proceed across the top row from right to left.
c. How many breakdowns are expected per week?
d. How many breakdowns in total occur for these 25 weeks?
e. To repair a breakdown costs $275. How much does it cost to repair all the simulated breakdowns that occurred?

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