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    Simulation problem using software

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    A small factory consists of a machining center and inspection station in series. Unfinished parts arrive to the factory with exponential times having mean of 2 minutes. Processing times at the machine are uniform on the interval [0.75, 0.80] minutes, and subsequent inspection times at the inspection station are uniform on the interval [0.75, 0.80]. Ninety percent of inspected parts are "good" and are sent to shipping; 10 percent of the parts are "bad" and are sent back to the machine for rework. Both queues are assumed to have infinite capacity.

    Let Yi be a random variable representing the number of parts produced during the ith hour. Generate 10,000 Yi's and compute ten sample means and sample variances using 1,000 Yi's each, respectively. Comment on the convergence of Yi to the steady-state distribution.

    You can use wither Arena or Excel for this simulation. Please submit your arena or excel file with your solution.

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