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    Quality factors in a software product to measure quality

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    Over the years, we have developed quality factors that we look for in a software product to measure quality. These are usually done at the macroscopic level, but how would you assess quality of a computer program if you received an e-mail with a source listing of a program? Discuss both the qualitative and the quantitative aspects of our assessment.

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    Qualitative simulation predicts the set of possible behaviors consistent with a qualitative differential equation (QDE) model of the world. Its value comes from the ability to express natural types of incomplete knowledge of the world, and the ability to derive a provably complete set of possible behaviors in spite of the incompleteness of the model. Qualitative modeling and simulation are key inference methods for problem solvers for major tasks of model-based reasoning: monitoring, diagnosis, design, planning, and explanation. Although the qualitative simulation (reasoning) field has addressed diverse problem areas and developed a variety of theories and systems, there are a number of prominent features that are typical for many of the approaches. Some of the most important ones include ontology's, causality, compositional modelling, inference of behavior, and qualitativeness.
    Among these works, Kuipers work is a comprehensive treatment of qualitative simulation, and a seamless framework to integrate qualitative and semi-quantitative simulation. Therefore, in this thesis, it is selected as the major Fundamental modeling and simulation theories used in software process research.

    Incomplete Knowledge Representation:

    A quantity is a real-valued attribute of a physical object. However, human knowledge is finite, so our knowledge of real numbers describing the physical world must be incomplete. There are many ways to represent incomplete knowledge in a description of a quantity and its value.

    Quantity Interval Arithmetic In interval ...

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    This solution discusses quality factors in a software product to measure equality.