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Select an organization for analysis and develop a list of factors (minimum 5) associated with high Performance. For each factor you identify, develop a rating scale from 1 to 5 (at least one of the factors must have a rating of 1 or 2). A 1 means the factor is absent/seriously deficient and a 5 means the organization exhibits the factor in full measure. All your 1s and 2s are weaknesses and 4s and 5s are strengths. If you are the consultant for this organization, what weaknesses would you address first? and why? What strengths would you recommend to capitalize on, and how you plan to implement? Cite any references from the literature in this area.

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I will chose a manufacturing organization producing plastic goods for this assignment. The major factors associated with "high performance" are":

Factor Rating

1) Empowered work teams - 1

2) Knowledge about modern software tools and technologies among employees - 2

3) Encouraging innovation and creativity - 4

4) Shared vision, goals and objectives among organizational employees - 5

5) Effective reward and compensation plan that motivates employees for producing highest performance levels - 5

The major weakness that i will address is empowerment of work teams. I will ensure ...

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Select an organization for analysis and develop a list of factors (minimum 5) associated with high Performance.

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