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High Performance Teams

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Describe the cultural differences between a team and non-team environment.

What is a High Performance Team (HPT)?

What are the benefits to the employees, customers and management for using such teams?

Describe the conditions necessary to create a HPT environment.

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This solution provides an explanation of high performance team and its benefits to employees, customers, and management.

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Describe the cultural differences between a team and non-team environment.

The differences between a team and non team environment are that a team normally is aware of their required achieved goal (as a whole), and their required individual requirements. Furthermore, each team member will attempt to provide his or her own achievements and abilities to the required task. Team members usually trust one another and express their ideas and thoughts directly to other team members.

In a non-team environment, individuals tend to be more self focused and solely care about what their sole responsibilities and desired acheivements are. Many times non-team environments are very competitive and have individuals who will complete their task, sometimes in a negative light, at the expense of others.

What is a High Performance Team (HPT)? A high peformance team is a group of individuals with a desire to achieve the same desired or requested goal, and ...

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