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    High-Performance, Self-Directed Teams

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    You are making a case in a managers meeting to facilitate the company's transition to using self-directed, high-performing teams. You must convince the other managers that while this is a long-term initiative, its benefits will be huge. A well-planned approach is important, and many will need to have training to learn some of the team-building skills necessary to make this a success. You realize that for some this may be uncomfortable, which is why the managers must be the first team to practice and demonstrate the traits of a high-performing team.

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    It is a big challenge for the HR department and organizational management to transform an organization into using self directed or high performance teams. Senior managers are themselves skeptical about such change and thus, need to be convinced about the true benefits of such change. Let us see some strategies to transform the organization into high performance teams by convincing the top managers.

    - First of all, we can convince the top managers by explaining about the potential benefits of the self directed teams, such as:

    High performance, self-directed teams are the "gold standard." They enable organizational leveling to remove layers of management, flatten the organization, and ...

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    The 436-word response explores into the potential benefits and important things to consider with the goal of providing a leg to stand on when trying to convince upper management to try the self-directed teams structure of business organisation. Includes sources.