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    Quality Management of Drycleaning Businesses

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    What three areas of types of quality focus, e.g. product quality, etc for a Dry Cleaner and why would it be important?

    What are some quality tools and techniques that can be used to chart, diagnose and improve quality in these three areas for a Dry Cleaner?

    What types of quality programs would be best for a Dry Cleaner?

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    Industry Type: Dry-Cleaning Industry (Business Management)

    Quality Definition

    There are many various definitions of the word "quality". Some people even have a hard time defining what quality is. It is common to get the translucent comment such as "I know quality when I see it" or "It is expensive so I know the quality is high". Unfortunately, this is not how quality is determined. Those types of comments are merely personality preferences. Quality is determined by a measurement of excellence. Therefore, it must be supported quantitatively or qualitatively. Before you can consider the product or service to be of good quality, you must first create measureable guidelines to compare the product or service. If the product or service exceeds the expected guidelines then it is of high quality. If not, it is low quality. The key is having a measurement process.

    Quality Focus (Important Factors)

    Dry-Cleaning companies as well as most businesses strive for excellence in their craft daily and innovatively. Therefore, quality focus points can vary depending on the company's strategic goals. However, for the dry-cleaning industry there are three priority-focus points that will contribute to competitive advantages resulting in market share gains.

    1. Product - In terms of competitive advantage, it is critical to have a product differentiation strategy. To stand out of the pile of other drycleaners you must have a specialty. Drycleaners with specialties create a ...

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