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The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Customer Rights Movement

The Nader Page is a website devoted to consumer advocate Ralph Nader and his work.

Go to http://www.nader.org.
Click History.
Click Chapter 1.
Read "The Beginnings."
Click Back on your browser.
Click Chapter 8.
Read "The Citizen Movement Expands."

As a current or potential manager, how do you feel about the customer rights movement? Why?

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As a potential manager, I believe the customer rights movement can bring about a very positive change that holds manufacturers accountable for poor quality. However, many businesses used quality control and quality improvement ...

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This submission is based on a discuss or argument presented by Ralph Nader, that points out the drawbacks of the current customer rights movement, for both customers and businesses. Such an approach to customer service can provide an organization with a competitive advantage. However, it can also create many additional challenges for an organization and some of those effects are passed along to the consumer.