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Program Execution

Lowest Score Drop

Need help with coding a homework assignment in Visual C++ and all information is placed in the txt file attachment. These are the guidelines for flow on control in the program. each void function only called one time in program execution. Need help with correcting the code to run and the general code I working with is at th

Ethical considerations

What are the ethical considerations in reporting, monitoring, and controlling a project?

C ++ Exercise

I need a C++ program that reads students' names followed by their test scores. The program should output each student's name followed by the test scores and the relevant grade. It should also find and print the highest test score and the name of the students having the highest test score. Student data should be stored in a

Using crontab in UNIX

Create a crontab to perform the tasks listed below at the frequencies specified. Note that you do NOT need to write the actual scripts! a) Run a backup script named local-backup from the /usr/local/adm directory every weekday at 11:30pm. b) Execute a cleanup script named weekly-cleanly from the same directory above

Variables, output of program

Main module Call Input module Call Calculations module Call Output Module Call Greeting module End Program Input module Declare LastName as a character variable Declare Num as interger Write "Enter your last name" Input LastName Write "Enter the course number" Input Num Return Calculatio

Deadlock in a system is noted.

A system has 5 active processes(A-E) and one type of resource, which there are 200 total unites available in the system. the current state of the system is shown in the table below. the HOLDS column indicates the amount of the resource the process has allocated to it. the REQUESTED column indicates the additional amount of the

Modified Mortgage Calculator Problem

PLEASE USED ATTACHED SRC.ZIP FILE Write an Exception class called this class will inherit from the Exception.class in the java API. The exception should be packaged in the src.calculator.gui package. Modify to include a function called is ValidRate(String testValue) is V

Computing Speedup & Efficiency

If I have 100 processors for a computation with 5% of the code cannot be parallelized, how do I compute the speedup and efficiency?