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Program Execution

Array index out of bounds

Please assist with the following problem. I am totally lost with this so if you could also include statements telling me what you did, I would appreciate it. The entire chapter talks about array index out of bounds which has completely confused me and there are no examples in the book to help. If you could complete this progra

Explain in your own words the difference between testing and debugging.

Explain in your own words the difference between testing and debugging. [I know debugging is going through the code in an attempt to isolate the cause of the problem] Which activity is more time consuming and why? Why do companies often release software that is not bug-free? Discuss testing and debugging in terms of

Program Verification and Performance Tuning

How do you envision the ways program verification and performance tuning will be accomplished in the future? Will it still be a work of art? Will it always be the result of one's experience? Or do you forecast more and more automatic ways (algorithms?) to accomplish these tasks?

Write a C program that prints out the first n primes.

Write a program that prints out the first n primes, and n is input by the user. Example as follows: How many do you want to see? 3000 1: 2 2: 3 .... 25: 97 26: 101 .... 2999: 27437 3000: 27449 Program should be written in three files: primes.h main.c is_primes.c Attached are parts of two files (prim

Isvowel() function testing whether vowel or not

****This needs to be in "C"**** Write a function isvowel() that test whether or not charachter is a vowel. Use your function in a program that reads the standard input file and writes to the standard output file, deleting all vowels. Use redirection on a file containing some English text to test your program. ****This need

Pretest and Posttest Loops

What is the main difference between posttest and pretest loops? Give examples of cases, when you will use each of them? Can you code the same functionality using any of them? To which of these two categories would you place the "for loop"?

Concurrency and interleaving

Problem: a concurrent program with two processes, p and q,defined as follows, A,B,C,D, and E are arbitrary atomic (indivisible) statements. Assume that the main program (not shown) does a parbegin of the two processes. void p() { A; B; C; } void q() { D; E; } Show all the possible interleavings of the

Shell Scripting: Few Example Bourne Shell Scripts Executions

1. Will the following script execute without any error? #!/bin/sh if [ "$USER" ] then echo I am $USER endif echo Script completed. 2. Does the following script parse the password file and print it out by the user's "realname" "home directory" "login name"? #!/bin/sh OLDIFS=$IFS IFS=: cat /etc/passwd |

Buffer Overflow Attack

Need some help with the attached buffer overflow attack assignment. Here is a link with pertinent information: In the foo function pushing 43 A's for example will cause the buffer to overflow.

Faults in Windows XP

Research shows that there are about 5 faults per 1000 lines of code in carefully made programs, which means that 1 million lines of codes will have 5000 faults. Windows XP has approximately 45 million lines of code. How many faults does Windows XP have? A simple calculation shows that there are 45 x 5000 = 225,000 faults in Wind

Write a program to compute numeric grades for a course

You can add in to the program I made below. It is incomplete but you can use it so that you would have a quicker time to complete the program. Step by step explanations would help me since I am an online learner. The question is as follows: Write a program to compute numeric grades for a course. The course records are in a fi

Project Management in Information Technology

Concerning the project life cycle and required project management skills answer the following questions: What major tasks occur at each of the four project phases? What is the role of the project sponsor? How do you determine who are project stakeholders? What are the skills needed to be a successful project manager? M

Activation Record Instances

Do I have enough information to do this problem and What exactly are the static and dynamic Chains? I am not a programmer and I am trying to get this right. Show the stack with all activation record instances, including static and dynamic chains, when executions reaches position 1 in the following skeletal program. Assume B

Lowest Score Drop

Need help with coding a homework assignment in Visual C++ and all information is placed in the txt file attachment. These are the guidelines for flow on control in the program. each void function only called one time in program execution. Need help with correcting the code to run and the general code I working with is at th

Ethical considerations

What are the ethical considerations in reporting, monitoring, and controlling a project?

C ++ Exercise

I need a C++ program that reads students' names followed by their test scores. The program should output each student's name followed by the test scores and the relevant grade. It should also find and print the highest test score and the name of the students having the highest test score. Student data should be stored in a

Using crontab in UNIX

Create a crontab to perform the tasks listed below at the frequencies specified. Note that you do NOT need to write the actual scripts! a) Run a backup script named local-backup from the /usr/local/adm directory every weekday at 11:30pm. b) Execute a cleanup script named weekly-cleanly from the same directory above

Variables, output of program

Main module Call Input module Call Calculations module Call Output Module Call Greeting module End Program Input module Declare LastName as a character variable Declare Num as interger Write "Enter your last name" Input LastName Write "Enter the course number" Input Num Return Calculatio

Deadlock in a system is noted.

A system has 5 active processes(A-E) and one type of resource, which there are 200 total unites available in the system. the current state of the system is shown in the table below. the HOLDS column indicates the amount of the resource the process has allocated to it. the REQUESTED column indicates the additional amount of the

Modified Mortgage Calculator Problem

PLEASE USED ATTACHED SRC.ZIP FILE Write an Exception class called this class will inherit from the Exception.class in the java API. The exception should be packaged in the src.calculator.gui package. Modify to include a function called is ValidRate(String testValue) is V

Computing Speedup & Efficiency

If I have 100 processors for a computation with 5% of the code cannot be parallelized, how do I compute the speedup and efficiency?