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A C program that removes vowels from text

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****This needs to be in "C"****

Write a function isvowel() that test whether or not charachter is a vowel. Use your function in a program that reads the standard input file and writes to the standard output file, deleting all vowels. Use redirection on a file containing some English text to test your program.

****This needs to be in "C"****

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There are two parts to this problem. First we will write the function to test to see if a given character is a vowel or not. Then we'll put that function into a program that we can use to test it.

The function will be called "isvowel". It is supposed to check to see if a given character is a vowel or not. This means that the function requires one input, the character, and one output which is the result of the check to see if the character is a vowel or not. We will use the "if" statement to check to see if the character is a vowel. We also need to be concerned with both ...

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In this solution I demonstrate how to write a C program that removes all vowels from text. The text is read from standard input and printed to standard output.