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Project String Manipulation

Trying to put my last program together. I have put all my files in Visual CPP file and 2 text files. I have been working this issue for a while. Would like just a little assistance in getting this program running.


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I have corrected the code, added new functions, slightly renamed existing functions, corrected grammatical mistakes and commented where required. I have included the code as well as the whole MS Visual C++ project folder for you.

Create a program containing all the functions below and give your user the ability to choose the function he/she would like to perform. You may want to create a menu for the beginning of the program and use the user's menu selection as the main "driver" for the program. After each execution, the program should clear the screen and return the menu to give the user the opportunity to play again or exit the program. For example, the following menu numbers represent the following seven functions:
Welcome to my string manipulation program. Select from one of the following menu items:
1. String Length
2. Backward String
3. Word Counter
4. Average Number of Letters
5. Automatic Capitalization
6. Vowel and Consonant Counter
7. Name Arranger
8. Exit ...