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    Development Lifecycle

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    The Course Project is comprised of several steps which will result in a completed, tested solution. Complete all steps of the development life cycle for a small project of your choosing. Create any documentation or deliverables that would normally occur during the development cycle for any type of project, including flow charts, pseudocode, screen designs, report designs, and user documentation.

    1. Write a few paragraphs describing the project and its purpose
    2. The project should have at least 3 screens, at least one being modal and one being modeless.
    3. Use 8 of the following in the project and note in the description of the project (#1 above) which ones were used and where:
    ? If...Then...Else
    ? Nested If...Then...Else
    ? Case Select Statement
    ? Array
    ? Menus
    ? Input Validation
    ? Do While Loop
    ? Do Until Loop
    ? Multiple Data Types
    ? Local and Global Variables
    ? Message Box
    ? String Manipulation
    4. Use 5 different types of controls on the forms
    5. Place breakpoints in the code at appropriate places for testing.
    6. Create a setup program for the project

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