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How to get a million by spelling a word whose letters' product=1000000

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If we assign number values to letters in the following way: A = 26, B = 25, C = 24 and so on until Y = 2 and Z =1, spell a word such that the product of its letters is as close to a million as possible. Explain how you went about solving this problem.

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The method of how to get a million by spelling a word whose letters' product=1000000 is discussed.

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At the outset, you must realise that there is no ONE correct answer/solution to this problem, because there are thousands and thousands of words which would be "MILLION dollar WORDS" i.e the product of their letters would be close to 1,000,000.

Anyway we can be slightly logical when we proceed to find such words and hope that we can come up with ONE such.

1. Firstly, we can assume that any word (however long it maybe) will have vowels. Very few words exist which are without vowels. So let us first put down the values of the vowels : A=26 ; E=22 ; I=18; O=12 and U=6.

2. What about length of the word ? Well, let us make a fair assumption ...

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