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    How to help dyslexic students

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    What if I have a student that is dyslexic...what are some things that I can do in the classroom, as a teacher to make things easier? Also, what are some tips that I can give the parents and what are some techniques that the school counselor can use when counseling the student?

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    ? A language-based disorder characterized by difficulties in single word decoding, reflecting insufficient phonological processing. It is marked by inconsistent difficulty with different
    forms of language, such as reading, writing and often spelling.

    Neurobiological and genetic.

    ? The specific region of the brain that processes brief, rapid, successive sounds is functionally abnormal. The deficiency contributes to difficulties in early speech and language learning, and leads to a weakness in the subsequent mental leap in abstraction to words on a page that enables people to learn to read.
    ? There is a problem in the brain with signal reception, as complex sound enters into the cerebral cortical system underlying speech and speech representation.
    ? Dyslexics' also have a deficiency in the visual system of their brain, as well as the part known as the V5/MT part which is one of the twenty areas of the brain involved in speech processing.

    ? Most people with dyslexia have a relative suffering with the disease and have inherited the genetic links for the disability.
    ? There are 3 possible dyslexic genes: DYX1 in chromosome 15, DYX2 in chromosome 6 and DYX3 in chromosome 2.

    ? It is estimated that 1 in 5 children in the United ...

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    Tips for parents and educators on how to help student suffering from dyslexic achieve in the classroom.