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    Activation Record Instances

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    Do I have enough information to do this problem and What exactly are the static and dynamic Chains? I am not a programmer and I am trying to get this right.

    Show the stack with all activation record instances, including static and dynamic chains, when executions reaches position 1 in the following skeletal program. Assume Bigsub is at level 1.

    procedure Bigsub is
    procedure A
    procedure B is
    begin -- of B
    ... <-- 1
    end; -- of B
    procedure C is
    begin - of C
    end; -- of C
    begin - of A
    end; -- of A
    begin -- of Bigsum
    End; -- of Bigsum

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    1. Static chain is a chain of static links that connects its activation record instance (ARI)to all of its static ancestors ARIs. Static chains connect the set of stack frames in each dynamic environment as a tree.

    2. Dynamic chains is the collection of dynamic links in the stack at a given time.

    In Procedure Bigsub, the ...

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    Activation Record Instances are discussed.