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Reaction Rate, Temperature & the Arrhenius Equation

The rate of a particular reaction triples when the temprature is increased from 25C to 35C. Calculate the activation energy for this reaction.

Also i just need to clearify the concept of Arrhenius Equation. What happened to Rate Constant(k) and the rate of reaction if:
a. there is a decrease in temperature
b. an increase in activation energy of the forward and reverse reactions. and the last is if there is an increase in both activation energy and temperature. I want to know the effect of each on Rate constant and rate of reaction

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The activation energy is given by the following formula

ln k1 / k2 = Ea / R [ 1/T2 - 1/T1 ]

Now , as per the question , k2 / k1 = 3

Ea is the activation energy

T2 = 35 C = 273 + 35 = 308 K

T1 = 25 C = 273 + 25 = 298 ...

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