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    Using the Arrhenius Equation

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    The rearrangement of cyclopropane to propene has been studied at various temperatures with the following results.
    Rate constant, k (s-1) Temperature (K)
    3.30 x 10-9 600
    2.19 x 10-7 650
    7.96 x 10-6 700
    1.80 x 10-4 750
    2.74 x 10-3 800
    3.04 x 10-2 850
    2.58 x 10-1 900

    (a) From the appropriate plot of these data, determine the value of the activation energy for this reaction.

    (b) Use the graph to estimate the value of k at 500 K.

    (c) Estimate the temperature at which the value of k would be equal to
    5.00 x 10-5 s-1.

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    This problems takes rate data with respect to temperature and uses the Arrhenius equation and plot to extract key information.