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    Explanation of Arrhenius Law and Kinetics

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    I need help understanding the meaning and units involved in the Arrhenius Law equation.

    Assuming a first order reaction:

    k = Ae^-Ea/RT

    1) Can this be re-written as: logk = -Ea/RT + constant ? What is the constant?

    2) In either case:

    a) How do I determine or choose the activation energy Ea? Where would I find this value?
    b) Similarly, how would I determine the frequency factor A???
    c) Is it assumed that the exponent e value is really power 10^-Ea/RT?

    I just want to know how I actually plug in values in this equation if I am trying to determine the difference in the rate reaction at temp 1060 degrees K and 673 degrees K

    Is k ultimately in units of 1/sec??

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