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Program Execution

Using C printf Statement to Debug an application

There are many ways to debug a program, perhaps the most elementary is using a printf() statement to show important pieces of information regarding the program execution point, variable value, and loop and branch operation. The solution also answers the following questions. How can you use the printf() statement? Where will y

Deadlock in a system is noted.

A system has 5 active processes(A-E) and one type of resource, which there are 200 total unites available in the system. the current state of the system is shown in the table below. the HOLDS column indicates the amount of the resource the process has allocated to it. the REQUESTED column indicates the additional amount of the

Modified Mortgage Calculator Problem

PLEASE USED ATTACHED SRC.ZIP FILE Write an Exception class called MortgageInputexception.java. this class will inherit from the Exception.class in the java API. The exception should be packaged in the src.calculator.gui package. Modify MortgagedisplayGui.java to include a function called is ValidRate(String testValue) is V

Computing Speedup & Efficiency

If I have 100 processors for a computation with 5% of the code cannot be parallelized, how do I compute the speedup and efficiency?