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Variables, output of program

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Main module
Call Input module
Call Calculations module
Call Output Module
Call Greeting module
End Program

Input module
Declare LastName as a character variable
Declare Num as interger
Write "Enter your last name"
Input LastName
Write "Enter the course number"
Input Num

Calculations module
Declare NewNum as interger
NewNum = 10 * Num

Greetings module
Write "Have a nice day!"

Output module
Write Name, NewNum

1. List the varibables: Declare Num as Interger
Declare NewNum as Interger

2. Show the output of the screen when the program executes with a value of 200.

3. When this program runs, what will be the last statement executed?

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1. There are three varibables: Declare Num as Interger
Declare NewNum as Interger
Declare LastName as ...

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Variables and the output of program are considered. The character variables are declared for the input modules.

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