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Java Program for Representing Shopping Carts

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JAVA. Write a class representing a line item in a shopping cart:

The characteristics of this class are the name of the product, the cost per unit, and the number of items. This class is named LineItem.Provide a constructor that takes 3 arguments, and initializes the corresponding instance variables. Provide the assessors to the 3 instance variables.
Write a class representing a shopping cart: a shopping cart contains a list of line item objects. This class is named ShoppingCart: provide a constructor for this class, a method to add a line item object to it, and a method printing out its content, with the total cost adding up the cost of all line items.

Write a test program that creates 2 shopping carts, and asks the user to input the content of each shopping cart. Once the user is done inputting the content of the shopping carts, the program displays their contents with their cost.

The programs should compile and run without errors.

Test the program and provide a list of comprehensive test cases used to validate the application and include these test cases in a word document containing all UML diagrams and descriptions. The test data can be shown in a table that includes input data, expected output, actual output and pass/fail results from the test.

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