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    C++ Count Number of Letters in a Text File

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    I need help with this program. I need to create an array of 26 components to do the letter count for the 26 letters in the alphabet and a variable for the line count. (You may wish to call these variables letterCount and lineCount respectively.) Hint: Use the plan of declaring variables, opening input and output files, initializing the variables, reading and writing the character for each character in a line, incrementing the letter count, incrementing the line count, outputting line and letter counts and, finally, closing the input and output files. (You may wish to call the program outputting line and letter counts writeTotal.) Create an ASCII (or text) file that contains text that will be used as input to your program. Call this file textinput. Have the output stored in a file called textouput. Create ifstream and ofstream objects called "infile" and "outfile" respectively. Include 4 functions for initializing, copying text, counting, and writing the results to a file, respectively.
    •Initialize the initial array with 0's.
    •Have the file copying text specifically be able to read a line and output that line. (You may wish to call this file copyText.)
    •Whenever a nonblank character is found, it calls the function that does the counting, characterCount, to update the letter count. (Do not count blank, tab, or end-of-line characters as part of the letter count.)
    •Have the characterCount function convert the letter to uppercase, find the index of the array corresponding to this letter and, if the index is valid, increment appropriate count.
    •Have the main program do the following:
    Declare variables. Open the input and output files.If the input file does not exist, exit the program.Open the output file. If the output file cannot open, exit the program. Initialize variables counting the lines and letters. Read the first character. Use while (not end of input file).Process the next line using the function that reads a line and outputs the line copyText. Increment the line count. (Increment the variable lineCount.) Read the next character. Output the line count and letter counts.
    Use writeTotal. Close files.

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