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    Noting Deadlock in a System

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    A system has 5 active processes(A-E) and one type of resource, which there are 200 total unites available in the system. the current state of the system is shown in the table below.
    the HOLDS column indicates the amount of the resource the process has allocated to it.
    the REQUESTED column indicates the additional amount of the resource the process has asked teh system for and requires before it can finish execution. The MAX column indicates the maximum amount of the resource may need during its execution

    Process Holds Requered Max
    A 10 10 70
    B 40 5 100
    C 20 40 100
    D 25 15 70
    E 30 5 80

    a. is the system currently deadlocked? is it in a safe state? if it is not deadlocked and/or safe be sure to show initermediae states that lead you to that conclusion

    b. if the request of 40 unites were granted to C, would the system be deadlocked? would it be in a safe state? again explain

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