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    Software verification and performance

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    This article describes why verification and testing is important in the performance of a software system.

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    Software Verification and Performance

    Machines operate on instructions written by humans, and there are bound to be errors, unintentional and undetectable. Formal program verification techniques have not been refined as such that they can be applied to general applications with ease. (Brookshear 2006, p.241) Edsger Dijkstra wrote, "Testing can only prove the presence of errors, not their absence." The main point here is to emphasize that even the future does not promise complete automatization of error detection in applications, although there will be tools developed every now and then to detect and kill the errors that weaken software. The best approach would be to test every segment of code as early as possible with all combinations of tests (one, few and several test case scenarios both resulting in success and failure of code). In addition to this, software must be verified and tested on an individual and integral leve which is already happening. To begin with, ...

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    This article speaks about software verification and performance and the various tools that could be used for the purpose of testing.