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    Prepare a Black Box Testing Plan

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    For this project, you will prepare a Black Box Testing Plan for the Course Project in MS Word. Your project submission should include the following (all in one document):

    A business letter addressed to the board of the Jonesville Library introducing the contents of the document
    A Black Box testing plan that includes the following:
    A description of phases targeted by the plan
    A description of how black box testing will be applied to these phases
    The black box test plans in detail
    The estimated costs and timeframe for the black box testing.

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    Business Letter

    The Director/Manager/Respected Friend

    Sub: Black-Box Testing Plans
    Testing is a set of the activities that can be planned in advanced and conducted systematically. For this reason a template for the software testing- a set of steps into which we can place a specific tests case design techniques and testing methods-should be defined for the software process.
    A number of the software testing strategies have been developed and have the following generic characteristics.
    ? Different testing techniques are appropriate at the different points in time.
    ? Testing is conducted by the developer of the software and for the large projects by an independent test groups.
    ? Testing and debugging are different activities, but debugging must be accommodated in any testing strategy.
    A strategy for the software testing must accommodate the low-level tests that are necessary to verify that a small source code segment has been correctly implemented as well as high-level tests that validate the major system functions against the customer requirements. A strategy must provide guidance for the practitioner and a set of the milestones for the manager. Because the steps of the test strategy occur at a time when deadline pressure begins to rise, progress must be measurable and problems must surface as early as possible.
    Black- box testing outlines the classes of tests to be conducted and a test procedure defines the specific tests cases that will be used to demonstrate conformity with requirements. Both the plans and procedure are designed to ensure that all the functional requirements are satisfied, all the behavioral characteristics are achieved, all the performance requirements are attained, documentation is correct, and human engineered and other requirements are met. After each of validation test case has been conducted, one of the two possible conditions exist:
    ? The function or performance characteristics conform to specification and are accepted.
    ? A deviation from the specification is uncovered and a deficiency list is created. Deviation or error discovered at this stage in a project can rarely be corrected prior to schedule delivery. It is often necessary to negotiate with the customer to establish a method for resolving deficiencies.
    The proceeding documents consists of the following matters
    ? Phases on which the black box testing is applied.
    ? How Black box testing is applied on the predefined phased.
    ? Black-Box testing ...

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    Prepare a Black Box Testing Plan