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    Regression and Automated Testing Plan

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    Please prepare a Regression and Automated Testing Plan for a Course Project
    Think about including the following:

    A business letter to the Jonesville Library introducing the contents of the document

    A regression and automated testing plan that includes the following:

    - the phases targeted by the plan
    - how regression and automated testing will be applied
    - a summary of the tools to be used
    - estimated costs and timeframe

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    Business Letter


    The Director/Manager/Respected Friend,

    Sub: Test Plans for Regression and Automated Testing

    Respected Sir,

    For every software project, the testing is the important process. The people who have built the software are now asked to test the software. This seems harmless in itself; after all, who knows the program better than its developers? Unfortunately, these same developers have a vested interest in demonstrating that the program is error free, that it works according to the customer requirements, and that it will be completed on schedule and within budget. Each of these interests militates against thorough testing. From a psychological point of view, software analysis and design are constructive tasks. The software engineer creates a computer program, its documentation and related data structures. When the testing begins there is an attempt to "break" the things that the software engineer has built down. From this point of builder, the testing process is destructive. So the builder treads lightly, rather than uncovering errors. There often a number of misconceptions about the testing procedures that is:
    - That the software developer of the software should no do testing at all.
    - That the software should be "tossed over the wall" to strangers who will test it mercilessly.
    - The tested get involved with the project only when the testing steps are about to begin.

    The software engineering process may be viewed as the spiral. Integration testing addresses the issues associated with the dual problems of the verification and the program constructions. Black-Box test case design techniques are the most prevalent during the integrations, although a limited amount of white-box testing may be used to ensure coverage of the major control paths. Regression and Automated Testing is the major steps for the integration testing process.

    The documents's contents are as follows:
    - Different phases on which the regression and automated testing is applied.
    - How the regression and automated testing plans is applied on these phases.
    - Regression and automated testing plan in details.
    -- Meaning of the regression testing.
    -- Incremental Integration testing.
    -- Top-down integration testing
    --- Depth first
    ---- Breadth-first
    -- Five steps of the integration process
    -- Tools used in the integration ...

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