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    Test objectives and Test approaches in testing a software pa

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    Identify the test objectives and test approaches for the following project: a software package to sell downloadable video recordings of classic movies. A typical download takes one hour, and an interrupted download must be restarted from the beginning. The number of customers downloading at the same time ranges from 10 to 100 during peak hours. On average, your system could go down about once per week

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    This test plan was developed to test a software package that sells downloadable recordings of classic movies.
    The testing objectives include determining the test requirements, defining test strategies, identifying the resources, estimating schedules and project deliverables (Softwaretestinginstitute.com, 2002).
    The test requirements include:
    a) A download must not take more than one hour.
    b) If a download is interrupted in between the downloading process, it must be restarted from the beginning.
    c) To ensure that maximum load of 100 downloads at a given time can be sustained.
    d) System downtime can occur maximum once a week.
    The test strategies to meet the above mentioned system requirements would include:
    a) In order to test the product, a white box approach would be preferable in this case.
    b) Testing and observing download speed and time taken for a download under various internet connections including dial up and broad band.
    c) Testing if interrupted downloads are restarted from beginning or not.
    d) Performance testing or stress testing to meet the third test requirement, to make sure that at peak time, up to 100 downloads can be sustained without any problems.

    This testing process is going to be carried out with the main objective of testing the product, so that customers do not face any glitches while downloading the movies. Hence, a number of factors have to be tested, while keeping the requirements of the customer in mind.

    Technical Architecture
    ? Specifications
    The product is going to be tested under various browsers, to check browser version compatibility among other factors. Apart from this other checks that are going to be performed include, checking the performance of the download when firewalls and anti virus packages are installed in the system.
    ? Scope
    The scope of the test is going to be limited to the testing requirements mentioned above. Apart from the stated requirements, other factors will not be tested.

    The testing methodology is going to be white box testing and is going to ...

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