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Service Request for Riordan Manufacturing

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This document needs to be 4 to 6 pages in length and it needs to discuss the six major activities for the implementation stage such as Coding, Testing, Installation, Documentation, Training, Support. The discussion on these six activities must describe how each activity would be specifically planned for the individual project situation. Discuss the benefits of using defined and repeatable processes for accomplishing these activities for the implementation stage.

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System Implementation
The system implementation is the stage which follows the system design process. In the implementation phase, the actual coding is done. Then the system is tested. The bugs in the system (if any) are fixed and the system is installed. After installation, users are trained and further modifications are done to the system on the basis of the reviews given by the users. The system implementation is mainly based on two types of models- defined and repeatable.
In the defined model, the system is designed once and then implemented completely. After that there are no modifications done to the design of the system. This method is mainly based on the design process, the design process must be performed carefully so that there are no flaws in the system. This is referred to more as waterfall model.
In the repeatable model, we can go to any previous step of the implementation or the design process, if some flaw is found in the system. This method is much more flexible. This prototype are implemented much faster than in the defined model, but the whole process might take more time than the defined model. This is also referred to as iterative model.
The system implementation phase has following six activities :-
• Coding
• Testing
• Installation
• Documentation
• Training
• Support
The first part of implementation is coding. The coding is converting the algorithms into a language. The language of coding is chosen according to requirements of the system. The coding process mainly deals with two parts- code programs and data structures, Program documentation.
Code programs and Data structures:- data structures are the structures that are used to represent the entities in the system, the data structures may be general data structures like linked list, queues etc. or language specific, such as classes, tables etc. The purpose of designing data structures is to handle the data in an efficient manner. The motive is to manage the data in such a way that it takes as less space as possible and is accesed in minimum amount of time.
The next step is to code programs, i.e. to convert the algorithms into the program written in a specific programming language. In the Riordan information system, the data structures used is the database tables, and the programming is done in php, html, mysql and asp dot net.
For a defined model, coding process is much slower than the repeatable model. Coding has to be done very carefully, since the system is not meant to be repeated again and again. So each and every flaws ...

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Service request for Riordan Manufacturing is examined. The benefits of using defined and repeatable processes for accomplishing activities for the implementation stage are discussed.

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