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Riordan's Business Analysis

This is an Information technology class and the response should be as such. Please explain the following. Please just provide a to the point response to the topic below in relationship to the attached paper.

An articulation of the business requirements in terms of specific processes or business development needs.

Note: Please go into deatails and provide examples and references if used.


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For any business to run correctly you must have a detailed outline of a business service request. By doing so, any new requirement can be researched, tested and validated to ensure all stakeholders understand what the requirement is as well as what the desired outcome should be. i.e. The end user must be able to use the product in an efficient manner to enhance the overall productivity of their company. If this is not the case, productivity goes down, which then leads to added unforeseen business costs.
Therefore, let's start of by identifying what a service request is and how it's a vital part of a business requirement. A service request is basically an improvement request from a user or business to help them streamline similar processes that are being done in an unstructured manner. Per example, you have 5 databases' you use to get information from to answer one question. This looks like nothing, however, the resources used to do this are not being utilized correctly. It would make more sense to only have one database that has all the information that is needed to answer the one question. Wow! An effective, efficient, ...

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A business analysis of the Riordan Company to determine how they can do their job better and more efficient, in regards to their handling of Personnel Information, their old HR System and functionality, and there newly implemented HR System and it's capabilities.